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Andrea Roozendaal


about me

As a child, I was standing in front of the open window every night to watch the moon and start.. looking for IT.
There in the sky was something beautiful, something that I knew was always safe. Although I lost IT throughout my life, IT was always there. I just had to regain the connection. The connection with my higher self, the love, and the connection to everything that is.
IT was my higher self.


I am an intuitive writer, a healer, and artist. I inspire women to bring their life in alignment with whom they truly are. To embrace their femininity, and to follow the voice of their heart. To regain power over their lives and to step back into their feminine power.

It is about you and who you are. 

As a child, I was drawing women and girls with an aureola. After years of working in interior design, I started drawing, from my intuition, in black and white  in 2012. I discovered that I could give healing and discovered the healing power of my drawings. Very enthusiastically about life I lead my life trusting my intuition. I believe that everything that you experience, as difficult as it might be, is something that brings you closer to yourself, the love for yourself.

Due to my skin cancer, I came in contact with a woman in the waiting room of the dermatologist. This woman was drawing with a black fine writer. This is where it began and where the card deck originated. 

I get inspired by the beauty of life, by the mythology and the ‘Healing Women’ from the past that gave a voice to their heart. I feel it is magical to visit places that are known for holding a great feminine energy. The hidden Sacred Wisdom. The energy of places, such as Glastonbury and Vezelay, are bringing me closer to my wisdom within.

Andrea Roozendaal



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